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First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ) has produced a new Messianic Jewish TV program, now airing on Christian TV networks. This series explores the Jewishness of Yeshua (Jesus), the Hebrew Roots of Christianity, and the prophetic message of the Gospels. It combats supersessionist theologies, focuses on the centrality of Israel, and demonstrates the enduring nature of the Torah. It shows that to understand the Gospels, they must be read in light of their First-Century Jewish context. » read more

What the Bible really means by "leaven"

Loaf of Bread

Passover is sometimes called the "Festival of Unleavened Bread." Before Passover, we get rid of all of our "leavened" food. In addition to a thorough cleaning of the house, it is customary to do a ceremonial search by candlelight on the night before Passover and to burn any remaining contraband in the morning. » read more

OU adds certification for kitniyot products on Passover

OU Kitniyot symbol

The Orthodox Union has introduced new Passover kosher certification for products that contain kitniyot.

On Passover, the Bible prohibits Jews from consuming chametz. Chametz is any grain product made of wheat, barley, spelt, oats, or rye combined with water and allowed to sit long enough for certain biochemical processes to begin. This includes not only fluffy loaves of leavened bread, but also normal types of grain products such as cakes, flatbreads, and cookies. It also includes certain food additives such as grain vinegar and grain alcohol. » read more


Is eating a pig like eating a lawn chair?

A lawn chair. Not food.
I believe followers of Yeshua should keep kosher. Hey, I wrote a whole book about it! For Jews, I see it as a matter of obligation to their covenant and to their national identity. I also encourage Gentile followers of Yeshua to keep kosher as a matter of spiritual discipline, as an act of worship, and to reap numerous spiritual benefits. But when people keep kosher for the wrong reasons, I feel a need to speak out about it, because I think it undermines the message as a whole.

Educational reasons not to keep kosher

Blackboard that reads: Welcome to Kashrut 101

By now we have looked at a host of reasons why people don’t keep kosher. Some people raise theological concerns. Others find it difficult in other ways to fit it into their religious framework. » read more

Social reasons not to keep kosher

Delicious for Chanukah: Boneless Spiral Ham

So far we have looked at theological, religious, and practical reasons people give not to keep kosher. The most difficult challenge of them all, however, is social. » read more

The Remedy for Bacon

Jewish Federation honors Bacon (news article)

David was a baal teshuvah. He was studying with a rabbi who was helping him to learn about Judaism and the Torah. He had made a lot of progress. He began to eat only kosher food, and he made an effort to keep Shabbos the best he could.

One morning, an irresistible smell wafted in through the vent. The neighbor in the apartment next door was cooking bacon. David couldn't help himself. He ran to the neighbor's door and knocked.

Six Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went Kosher

Essential Passover items in the kitchen: onions, garlic, lemons, and knives

I'm glad I made my kitchen kosher, but there are a few things I wish I knew first. » read more

Practical reasons not to keep kosher

A pig sits on a sleeping man and says, "Why did you eat pork?"

Sorry about the picture. I admit it's a little creepy. :)

Earlier, I posted about the theological and religious reasons people give for not keeping kosher. But when the rubber hits the road, our real reason for not keeping kosher is probably not theological or religious. A kosher eater faces a glut of practical and economic challenges: » read more

Guest Post: My Path to a Kosher Kitchen

Tandoori Chicken

I embraced Messianic Judaism eleven years ago this Pesach. Needless to say this was life-changing in many ways, but my eating habits were not one of them. » read more